Welcome to Ice Ice Booby

We are passionate about our products, which are all about the health, wellbeing and recovery of new mums post childbirth and during the breastfeeding period.

We produce specifically designed gel-bead breast ice and heat packs, and perineal ice and heat packs, to help new mums manage pain and inflammation post childbirth, and various breastfeeding issues during the breastfeeding period.

Our breast and perineal ice and heat packs have multiple uses.

Cold Therapy ~ Breast Ice Packs (Freeze in freezer)

Use as a breast ice pack after breastfeeding to relieve engorgement and decrease pain and inflammation of the breasts. A soothing aid for new mums.

Hot Therapy ~ Breast Heat Packs (Heat in microwave)

Use as a breast heat pack prior to breastfeeding to assist in relieving plugged ducts and mastitis and encouraging milk flow. Helps minimise time spent breastfeeding and expressing.

Cold Therapy ~ Perineal Ice Pack (Freeze in freezer)

Designed to fit comfortably in your underwear, our perineal ice packs will help reduce pain and inflammation of your bits “down under” post childbirth. Our perineal ice packs will become your best friend in the 24-48 hours post childbirth.