Perineal Massage… What the?!!

We prepare for all events in our lives, whether it be buying a car, selling a house, preparing for a job interview, or organizing a wedding.

Ladies when we are pregnant, obviously, our bodies are growing a human or humans, so we must prepare.

If you are aiming for a vaginal birth, there is a simple technique called perineal massage. This massage technique helps prepare your vagina and surrounding tissues for the stretching it will experience during childbirth. This massage can help reduce the trauma to your perineum and decrease the need for stitches post birth.

Always consult your medical practitioner prior to starting as in some circumstances it is not recommended.

This massage is typically started at weeks 34-35 of pregnancy, and only needs to be done once or twice per week, with each session lasting 5 minutes max. Simples!!

How to.. First, get comfy. Either lying, sitting or standing. Use some almond oil or KY jelly to help lubricate things. Once you’re comfortable, insert one or two clean fingers into the vagina about 5cm and apply gentle downward pressure (towards the anus) until you feel a slight tingling or burning sensation. Once you feel that sensation, hold the stretch for two minutes, then move your fingers to the side and repeat the process.

This simple time effective technique can help stretch the tissues of the vagina and perineum and can also help you connect with your body, and thus helping with control during the pushing phase of childbirth. Our perineal warm pack can be applied prior to starting your massage session to help gently warm the tissues, allowing the massage to be more comfortable for you.

Happy massaging 🙂

XOXO – Ice Ice Booby

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